Music composer and Creator of the band “Lyonen,” Luis Rivas – nicknamed Tato Rivas – spent a significant part of his life devoted to music production in the genres of Metal and Rock. When it comes to the genre of metal, music requires a whole new level of involvement. “I started playing in 1995, and I have not stopped since,” Tato said.

         Tato Rivas was born in Caracas, capital of Venezuela, spent his childhood listening to popular metal bands, and moved to Maryland, United States in 2016 for professional reasons and now he is getting ready to fulfill his dreams in the music industry and build his name. It has been a lifelong goal of him to find opportunities in music career – therefore, his unstoppable passion is getting closer to that moment.

         Luis graduated in Audio Engineering in 2003 with four years of Study of Music, including Classical Guitar. With currently working as a Multimedia Producer, Luis has additional insight into the world of music videos and photography – which landed him the Promax BDA Award doing Promotion Audio Mixing for a TV Station and other awards as Director of a Documentary short film.

        In 2017, Luis started his one-person project like a metal band named Lyonen, which produces music in the forms of Heavy Metal, Power Metal, and Rock. His profound influence in metal icons like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Helloween, Joe Satriani, Stratovarius, and much more motivated him to hold his position gracefully as a Guitarist, Music Producer, Composer, and Audio Engineer for his band Lyonen.

          So far, Tato has been passionate about Heavy Metal, but he aims to produce music in other genres, such as Pop, Classical, and more. Tato Rivas – under the name of Lyonen – is all set for releasing his much-anticipated Debut Album named “This is Lyonen,” which is scheduled to release on 13th August 2020 on all mainstream music platforms like Spotify, ITunes, Youtube Music, Deezer, and many more.

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